Friday, January 11, 2008

The Man from Vancouver

About three months ago, I was happy, working in the camera department, preparing and testing gear that was about to be shipped to Saudi Arabia for a shoot.  There were some other jobs on the horizon.


A bomb, in the form of a strike exploded on my doorstep.  The 'prep' job ended and I was degraded to searching the pages of 'craigslist' and for jobs.  "Doing business on Craigslist is not the way to do business, boy", said my mentor/friend from Vancouver.  This coming from a man with 15+ years experience on film sets who could find work if he were living in Sri Lanka.  Let me just tell you, that I can't even get a job as an AC working on an AFI or USC thesis film.  So here I am, a 2nd AC, living in L.A. with no contacts for work.  We'll see how long I last.  God I just love to bitch sometimes...

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